For those looking for a quick fix to their Ronin S force mobile inverted axis problem, skip to the very bottom.

This morning I set out on a mission, I have a film sequence I am putting together for a video client where we are going to use a 10 foot camera crane, on a commercial shoot, and we want some fine tune control over a pan tilt head at the end of this camera crane. Luckily for me, I have an in house 10 foot camera crane. and I have a very advanced gimbal (thanks to DJI not hard to get your hands on one) the Ronin S.

The ronin S has this handy feature that allows you to control the motion of your gimbal in a very similar fashion to Movi Mimick system, and its utterly fantastic! but to my chagrin, when I tried it out this morning, the control axis were all inverted, no matter what I tried, I could not get the controls to behave in any way but in an inverted fashion. I tried using a game pad (also a cool feature that the ronin s has, you can control your gimbal with a gamepad) and no matter what buttons I pressed in the app, or settings i changed, nothing worked.

I even inverted the control channels and nothing. after some battling I tried the unthinkable, I updated my gimbals firmware… and low and behold it worked! if your having this problem, save yourself a couple hours of trouble, and just update your firmware to the latest version first, it might just resolve all your problems, its only been about a day, but so far, my gimbal has been working flawlessly ever since, and I have to say, force mobile is an incredible feature! its gonna make it possible for us to do some crazy cool stuff! if you haven’t tried it yet, you really should give it a go 🙂

quick solution to the ronin s inverted force mobile issue. I found that the problem for me, was simply outdated firmware. old firmware on the ronin S itself causes the axis to become inverted on both the Force mobile remote control feature, and when your using a game pad to control the ronin s, a quick firmware update fixed this for me, and hopefully it can fix it for you too 🙂

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