Abernathy Center In Oregon City

I spend my summers shooting videos for weddings, lots and lots of weddings, some of them are thrown at event spaces thrown up over night at an uncles house, while others take place at facilities that are designed with the sole purpose of hosting from dozens to hundreds of weddings a year. In this series I explore some of these facilities that are up for rent as a wedding event space. Most are Portland based, (or within a 3 hour drive of portland oregon) but sometimes I may have an event space I am fond of from my travels else ware in the states (or dare I say, the world?) 🙂

Today I am going to talk about the Abernathy center, a beautiful facility in Oregon City that is perhaps one of the most widely known wedding event spaces around Portland. This facility is one of the places I shoot at the most, I don’t know why, perhaps its because the Abernathy Center keeps my name on file, or i show up on the same google searches, but I suspect that the reason I am there so often is that the Abernathy center is a fine tuned wedding hosting machine.

The Abernathy center is one of a few venues in Portland that offers so many in house services its not even funny. the parts I love the most are

The food

The food is incredible! they do a phenomenal job, in the past they have done a lot of buffet style meals, I most typically see a chicken and rice combo of some kind, but things definitely get fancier for those who are looking for something a little more off budget friendly crowd feeding go to of chicken and rice based dished. there salads are amazing, they will do beef dishes, bread and more. I am not a chef, so I am sure it all sounds the same when I talk about food, but trust me when I say, these guys do an incredible job. I always finish my meal licking my lips

Where things really shine for me though, is the desert options! if you call them and they offer you a chocolate fountain, do it, just do it, that chocolate fountain is the best thing ever!


when it comes to facilities, the Abernathy center gives you a ton of options,

you have a cool vintage style white church, which is gorgeous, and classic. This is used for ceremonies, and has a lower basement that in theory could be used for a reception, but I typically only see people do preps there. The main sanctuary is classic and hosts a decent number of people.

You have two garden style options, The vieled garden is typically rented in conjuncture with the church, and abigails garden is a full stand alone venue space with all the amenities you could need to host a full wedding. from preps all the way through the reception. they have some prep rooms, that are fairly nice, not the nicest i have seen, but also plenty good enough for most people. and they have a beautiful ceremony space, which has a gazebo nestled in with the trees, and they have a tent with a bar, and seating for a full reception. (you know, one of those super nice event tents that is almost a permanent structure)

The Veiled Garden is a beautiful space with pathways winding through well cared for trees and bushes with flowers and more. it makes for a great ceremony option on a sunny day, and you always have the church as a rainy day backup if you go this rout.

The ballroom is a modern space that you typically host your reception in if you rent the church/the veiled garden. It is big, it has big windows, fancy chandeliers and this is where you cant get that delicious chocolate fountain…. if they still rent that thing. crossing my fingers they do.