Portland Oregon video production company

Visuals for your brand

Armed to the teeth with the tools, the team, and the talent to make some seriously impactful content for narrative story driven projects, or add campaigns; both on social media and TV

Everything needed to make a feature film, is in house.

Meaning we have the tools, and the team to make just about any project a reality. Blow your customers, or your audience, away with top notch cinematic visuals

True Cinema Cameras

We have more then a few cameras in house, but what is true about all of them, is that they deliver high quality images that are both high in dynamic range, and have robust flexability in post.

3 Axis Glide Cam

Our in house, custom built stabilizer, features all the benefits of a glide cam, and of a 3-axis gimbal, creating smooth cinematic shots with unparalleled flexibility.  its similar to the arri trinity but for lighter weight camera systems

Anamorphic lenses

we love the classic anamorphic look, and are proud to offer the option of shooting in the classic hollywood 2.39:1 anamorphic aspect ratio using real anamorphic lenses.  We also offer the option of shooting 16:9 anamorphic if you want something a little less wide screen but maintaining that anamorphic look.


Dane working with director Sean Parker on his utterly brilliant and quirky comedy series “fog town”

What we do

In todays fast paced digital world, video is everywhere, websites, social media, and more. we are here to create exceptional video content for your brand. 

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and so much more, we are here to dial in your social media presence all the way up to 11

WebSite Content

Be it a video banner, an “About us” video, or something else entirely, video helps any company represent themselves in a more personable way.


From YouTube to TV, we have the tools and the team to make you an exceptional commercial no matter where you plan on presenting it. 

Drone and Aerial Imaging

Drones provide a great perspective and bring a silver screen cinematic feel to any video.  

narrative Films

We are pros at making content for story driven narrative TV, Film and add campaigns.


We partner with some exceptional photography teams to create not just a video, but a whole branded set of visual images to create cohesive branding when needed


From Our Clients

We strive to make exceptional products, and as a bonus, were pretty easy to work with too

“Dane really cares about quality. He is easy to work with and has amazing communication. His delivered product is wonderful”


Dane was absolutely wonderful to work with! He was quick at responding to emails and great about last minute detail changes”

Phi Dinh

Dane is an AMAZING videographer in the Portland, OR area. He specializes in weddings, but does a great job on any video project. You’ll love the work he does and his laid back, relaxed personality will help you feel at ease while working with him. He’s the best!”

Rachel Konsella

Dane and his team were incredible! They were polite, professional, and punctual. Their work is stunningly beautiful and they are so fun to work with. We love the end result and are so grateful we decided to hire them!”

Julie Rose

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