We believe that getting a wedding video should be effortless, and that the video should be phenomenal! Dane and his team have developed robust systems for creating world class videos, tailored specifically for wedding video production. if your shopping about you can find all the details of what we offer on this page, If your unsure what you want, throw us a line and we can put a package together for you, to fit your budget and goals. 


All our packages are shot without compromise to deliver the best product possible. and every single packages comes with at least the things you see bellow, and some quite a bit more

6 hours of coverage

you always get at least 6 hours of coverage, with many packages starting with more. no matter what package you choose, you can always add more hours to it, get up to 16 hours of event coverage, if that is what you need.


An experienced team

We have just one team in house, and they are among the most experienced in portland. the samples you see on this site, were shot by the same team that will be shooting your wedding.


We offer some choices, but whatever kind of coverage you choose, the film is crafted with skill by some of the best filmmakers in Portland

Delivered in 4K

Every video I shoot is shot in ultra HD, and delivered in true 4K. for an image that looks as good on your cell phone, as it does projected on a 50 foot cinema screen. 

High Quality Audio

Because we know, audio is just as important as the visuals. Looking at someone giving a toast is nice, but hearing what they are saying is better. 

Cinema Cameras

A lot of videographers shoot on common DSLR cameras, we don’t play around at Casperson Productions, we shoot on dedicated cinema cameras, because the difference is day and night.


short film package


This is our entry level package, if your on a budget this is a good choice, it provides one hell of a nice looking short film shot by one of the best wedding video teams in Portland

  • A Cinematic Short film (4 to 8 minutes long)
  • 1 videographer
  • 6 hours of coverage
  • all films are delivered in full 4K for a future proof video
  • option to add on “raw footage” of the ceremony, first dance, and toasts for a small additional fee.





This is our most complete package, we pull all the stops, and deliver hands down the best wedding video you can get.  a 3 man team, 2 professional Videographers and an experienced assistant, shoot your event from multiple angles to ensure complete TV style coverage of all major events. + you get a cinematic short film, Instagram edit, and 8 hours of onsite coverage.


  • A set of videos covering every major event in its entirety, the Ceremony, Toasts, cake Cutting, and more, all delivered on a luxury USB drive
  • A cinematic short film (same as the film from the short film package)
  • Instagram edit, specially cut for the instagram
  • 3 man team (2 pro videographers and 1 crew member to act as support)
  • drone footage included (when possible, some limitations apply)
  • 8 hours of coverage (with the option to add as many hours as needed)
  • All films are delivered in full 4K, the Netflix standard for content acquisition

If your looking for a full length recording of key events throughout the day, and you have room in your budget, this is the smartest way to go, with this package, we bring the team necessary to create really high quality full length videos of all the major events in the day, with multiple cameras, and 2 highly experienced videographers on site along with an assistant to support them, the results are exceptional.


Add Ons only available with the complete package
Same Day Edit – $500

Live stream


Add a live stream to any package for $750.  Availibility of live streaming varies by venue.


Take a look at some of these sizzling hot videos we made for our past clients to get just a taste of what your wedding film could look like

Grab a chair and watch some


We definitely recommend getting the Complete Package so you can have one of these. its the best way to remember the day, in full.



why Yes, we do include a short video in our Complete Package too! why choose between a short film and a full length video when you can have both?


You don’t have to get the standard package, we are happy to make all kinds of videos and offer a bunch of different services from live streaming events to rushing same day edits out the door in time for dinner


Live stream all the major moments 


Gorgious and inspiring 


Because you can film it all 


Show off a little at your reception 

360 Virtual Reality Videos

because its 2020 mother&$#@ and this is the future

Looking to add a little more to your video? 

Its ok to want more. Just because our base package comes with everything you need, doesn’t mean it comes with everything you want.  You can add anything you see here to the standard package, or you can mix and match and make your own package, starting with one of the video options you see above.


Same Day Edit

Get a super cool video shown at the reception, of events that happened just that morning!

Live Video Streaming

Get a multi cam, TV style, live streamed video of all the major moments in your day.

Rush Edits

Do you need your full length video done fast? we can get your video out the door in 1 week, guaranteed! (Only Available during some times of the year)

360 Videos

Because virtual reality is super cool, why not have a 360 video of every major moment in the day? put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and step right back into your wedding again.

Engagement film

Engagement photos are cool, but announcing your angement with a video, thats even cooler.

Custom Requests

If there is something your dying to add to your video, just because its not on this list, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. throw us a line, and we will see what we can do. 


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