Listed by type of video, we offer full length films, and short films. Full length films come videos of each major event, as seen bellow.


My short film package comes with a short video, between 3 and 8 minutes in lengths, just depending on the day and how much we have to work with in the edit room. our deluxe package also includes a short film as well as a full length video of every major event.

Individual event films

My full length coverage package comes with multi cam coverage of every major event, and you get an individual film of each and every traditional event.  See videos of ceremonies, first dances, cake cutting and more bellow.


With my Complete Package, we pull all the stops, you get one of the short films we have shown above, and you get a full length film done in the same style.  with multi cam coverage of all the major events, all shot by one of the best teams in the industry.