Answers to commonly asked questions

Do your packages come with a drone

Drone flights are included free of charge, and while not guerenteed, i try to fly one whenever we can.  Basically if the weather permits, and the venue is within an airspace the FAA allows drones to fly in, we will fly a drone. some venues may also have their own rules about drones, for example, ski bowl is a venue that has in house rules against drones.  (although I often fly one at skibowl nearby for more general establishing shots of the woods)

are your videos shot in 4K

We use 4k and 6K cameras to shoot all our wedding videos, and we deliver in 4K

How much do you charge for your services?

Pricing ranges widely in the industry, but with us you can expect to pay between 2000, and 3500, depending on the team, hours, and extent of coverage.

What is included in your wedding video package(s)?

We have a number of different packages, with varying levels of coverage, editing, number of cameras, add-ons like raw footage, etc.   Most commonly we provide either a short film, shot with a single camera, or both a short film, and a longer film covering the entire ceremony, every second of the toasts, and the first dances from start to finish, shot with 4 cameras, and a team of up to 3 people on the highest end.

What is your shooting and editing style?

Go ahead and check out the sample videos on the front page, but my shooting style is very cinematic and high end.  We also have team members that can do a little more of a budget friendly doc/indie film look.

Will you be the one actually filming our wedding?

while I do offer a budget friendly package with my second team. my most commonly booked package is one where I, Dane Casperson, am guarenteed to be the lead videographer at your wedding.

How do you capture the audio during ceremonies and receptions?

We use tiny lapel mics and on body recorders on the couple, with additional mics around the venue used as backup.   we will also get a backup feed from the DJ when possible

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

Generally I personally shoot 30 weddings a year, and I try to cap it around that, so I can focus on producing the highest quality films possible.

When will we get the final edited video?

We aim for a one month turn around time, but mid season, July or the months around then, we often end up getting a big back log of weddings (since everyone wants to get married in the summer) so it can be up to 3 months out mid season.

Do you offer any other add-ons besides raw footage/edits?

We can custom design packages to suit any goals, but generally speaking the most common add ons that arent in our packages are raw footage, same day edits, and specific edits of unique events not commonly seen in western ceremonies (full length videos and mics needed for table greetings for a viatnamese wedding for example)  if you have something you want to do, we can probably accomidate your target, so long as it fits with our cinematic style.

Will you provide multiple final delivery formats?

All our videos are delivered as digital video files in 4K (for the geeks out there we deliver in a high bitrate H264 codec, compressed with Nvidia GPU’s because Nvidia has the best encoder on the market, with the cleanest image. these h264 files will be in either a .Mov container, or a .mp4 container)