Wedding video packages

I am obsessed with creating the highest quality films possible all while creating a relaxed and comfortable experience so you guys can truly enjoy your day.  How my packages work, is we start with a simple package, and add things on in a logical way to create as complex and thorough a set of films as needed/desired.


The base package includes all the essentials needed for a top notch film.  We start with a short film, the base package includes the following (with the option to add an individual items as needed)

Short 4 to 8 minute film

Shot with dedication and care, and carefully hand crafted into a cinematic, emotional film, you can treasure for a lifetime.  typically runs about 6 minutes for most weddings

High end audio recording

I take audio very seriusly, recording all major moments with external audio recorders, lavs, DJ feed, ect, in 32bit float.


7 hours of onsite coverage

with the option to add on as many hours as you need.

relaxed and chill experience

I pride myself on a being a bit of a video Ninja, I have carefully built systems to make sure that the experience of having a film shot is almost invisible.

A known and respected team

I (Dane) personally shoot every single A- Team film, so you know who is gonna be on site 

100% in house editing

All editing is done in house by Dane and his personal in house team, because we are control freaks in the edit room, and we are obsessive about making the edit, and the color grade, perfect.

Sample Film


upgrade your package +750

Add a full length film of the First Look + Ceremony + Toasts + first dance

A full length, 5 to 50 minute film of the ceremony.

Just depending on how long your ceremony is.

A full length 2 to 5 minute film of the first dance

also includes the father daughter/mother son dance if you decide to do those traditions

A full length, 5 to 45 minute film of the speeches/toasts


Dane will bring an assistant with him. this is important for the setup for the full length films, which is more involved then the short film, but also generally improves the final product over all for both the short film and full length films

Muti-Cam Coverage

Adding the full length films, increases the number of cameras we use for the ceremony, which improves the over all quality of the short film in addition to adding more complete full length films to the final deliverable.

A full length film of the first look – 1 to 5 minutes

when the first look is touching, its really touching.


Keep in mind, all of these events will be included in the short film, adding these full length films simply gets you bigger, better, longer, videos of the events in addition to the snippets we capture for the short film.


MAKE IT 10 hours +650

Most events don’t require more then 7 hours of coverage, but we are happy to custom build any amount of time into a package, we can do up 16 hours on site for most weddings

On a tighter budget? check out our

Second Team Package

I have a second team that has been working with me for years. With the second team package you can pick either a cinematic short film.  Or full length films of the Ceremony + Toasts + First dance.


  • pick one:  A: a cinematic short film, see the sample bellow as an example. or B: a full length film of the major events (ceremony, Toasts, and first dance)
  • 5 hours of on site coverage (with the option to add as many hours as you need)


I can do a lot more stuff, such as full length films that include pretty much every single event from the day, same day edits, you name it, but those are more of a custom quote type thing.   Destination weddings will be charged a travel fee relative to the location of the wedding and pricing on travel and accommodations