Shooting in a raw codec, is far beyond and above what most people do, but the benefits are notable . Today most videographers shoot in a compressed h264 codec, but shooting in a raw format provides so many benefits that h264 can’t deliver.

First off, shooting in a raw cpodec, such as RedCode raw, or Braw, means you have way more control over the final image. Raw videos contain all the data captured by the camera sensor, which means you can make more accurate adjustments and corrections later on. You can tweak the exposure, white balance, and color temperature after the fact, allowing you to deal with rapidly changing, and complex lighting environments.

Secondly, shooting in raw format ensures the original video data is preserved. H264 files are compressed, which leads to some data loss and a reduction in video quality. Raw files aren’t compressed, so you get maximum video quality and detail. This is especially important if you want to do a lot of editing, change the look of the image, create a stylized image. The raw data also uses a lot less noise reduction, which when noise reduction is applied in camera, it saps a little bit of the soul out of the image, which creates something that just feels more digital. When you shoot raw the video has the potential to maintain an organic feel that feels a lot more like shooting on film.

Thirdly, shooting in raw format lets you make non-destructive edits. Since the original video data is preserved, any edits you make to the video can be undone or adjusted later on. You can experiment with different editing techniques and adjust your video as much as you want without permanently altering the original file.

Lastly, shooting in raw format future-proofs your videos. As technology improves, new software and editing tools become available. Shooting in raw format ensures that your videos can be reprocessed with these new tools, allowing for even more creativity and flexibility down the line.

Shooting in raw format is a must for any videographer who wants to have maximum control over their videos and ensure the highest quality possible. It lets you make accurate adjustments, preserves your original video data, allows for non-destructive editing, and future-proofs your videos. It might take a bit more time and storage space, but the benefits are notable