This is a list of vendors we have worked with in the past, that we had good experiences with.  If your still looking for some vendors, these guys are all pretty dang awesome, and might just be who your looking for


Mundo Catering

Big enough to make sure that things get done! small enough to keep it personal


Sight Glass Photography

A husband and wife team, with a focus on quality, they have a bright, realistic feel, and their pictures are tack sharp.


Rachel Konsella Photography

Rachel shoots some of the most intensely bright images, without losing detail, which is an impressive feat, and looks damn cool.


Kate Holt Photography

A seasoned pro with a relaxed approach, knows how to get the job done, but keep the vibe chill. Bright natural style.


DRB Photography

Delyse is a pro who is full of life, and energy, she does some really cool things, and is a pleasure to work with.


Couve Booth

A rock solid photobooth with a lot of fun props, and a cool look to it. 



You Knot Me

Besides having a clever name, the owner, Ashley, is a rock solid pro, who knows how to make things happen. 


Flowers By Alana

Alana has a wonderful laid back persinality and her designs are beatiful



Sewell Sweets

The lady who owns Sewell sweets is so incredibly wonderful, and her cakes look amazing! defintiely someone to scheduel a tasting with. 




Dan Mo

this guy works magic, and he is insanely friendly in the most real way possible. If you have room in your budget for this man, he is worth it. 


Diva Matters Ministry

This bubbly woman has a heart of gold, and a uniquely wonderful energy about her that is sure to put a smile on your face.